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  • USA and Canada: Visiting Report in Oct.2018

    Beijing Fenglong is known as the biggest greenhouse materials supplier in China, we are not only supplying the materials to our customers, we are more concerned about the feedback and comments from different customers. Every year we have plans to visit our customers in person, to have a face to ...
  • India: Agri-Tech Bangalore MMXVIII

    Agri Tech is the india’s largest Exhibition on Agriculture, Farm Machinery, Poultry, Livestock Equipment& Agri Processing Technologies, Greenhouse Materials and Equipments. All of local famous greenhouse builders and equipment suppliers take part in this show, Beijing Fenglong has the long...
  • Sina: et Hortiflorexpo 20 IPM Beijing

    No.1 in Sinis Patefacio Horticultural Trade Platform ducit ad Floriculture Allium & in Asia! Hortiflorexpo fuit maxima et probatissimi cuiusque referantur in international commercia ostendunt de industria floriculture, TOPIARIA et TOPIARIA in Sinis. Non est magni momenti eventus tenuit omni anno in Bei ...
  • Egypt: Sisi- greenhouses ad hoc technology ...

    Iovis Praeses Abdel Fattah Deus sisi illustraverat quod in greenhouses et usura modern agriculturae culturam artes contribuere ad augendae productio et consummatio rationalising aqua, Presidential Spokesman Bassam Radi dixit. Project est oeconomica developing petit amplius adauctis Coloribus ...
  • Germaniae IPM Essen MMXVIII

    Commercium internationale pro pulchra et plantae (IPM ESSEN) quod pre se ferre mundi ducens ad TOPIARIA, pars Fenglong sumit hoc aequa omni anno, et hoc anno cum No. sto, et non 8A53-4 8A53-5. Nos semper stupet quam IPM ESSEN improves omni anno, et quantum ad gradum Phasellus co ...

Beijing Fenglong CONSERVATORIUM Lorem Co, Ltd in Beijing fuit statutum in MCMXCIX quod est summus tech, global ducens CONSERVATORIUM specialized in societatem armorum, venditio, consilio, investigationis et progressionem enim electronic products et mecha, nical protected agri culturam pertinent, inter materiae and modern apparatus ut CONSERVATORIUM constructione habitationi et universi greges.

For inquiries nostram pricelist et products, placere relinquere tuum ad nos, et nos in tactu inscriptio intra XXIV horis.
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