China: IPM Shanghai 2019

Beijing Fenglong Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading domestic and internationally renowned enterprise in facility agriculture, was invited to participate in this exhibition and brought many new technologies to this exhibition, which attracted extensive industry attention.
Fenglong’s booth attracted many professionals to stop and discuss enthusiastically, becoming a beautiful scenery line on this flower show. The new technologies brought by Beijing Fenglong include 3GG™ gear motor series and Kingzo™ electric film reeler series. Due to the high failure rate of gear motors in China, Beijing Fenglong finally launched the 3GG gear motor after years of research, design and improvement. Through unique design, excellent self-locking performance, perfect “overload, phase-missing” protection function and smart manual opening and closing device, the failure rate can be reduced to the lowest level in China, which can be decreased to below 5‰.
Many professionals at the scene enthusiastically discussed and deeply understood the new gear motor, and affirmed the 3GG™ motor introduced by our company. they praised our company’s efforts in product improvement, hoping that we can improve and introduce more products.
Beijing Fenglong has always been dedicated to researching mechanical and electrical equipment, greenhouse automation control system and polymer materials. Based on the rigorous requirements of scientific and technological research and quality, the company has exported its products to 64 countries such as Japan, the United States, and Israel, winning praise from foreign customers. Here, Beijing Fenglong Sincerely invites our users home and abroad to discuss and communicate.

Post time: Apr-29-2019
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