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Beijing Fenglong Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1999 in Beijing and is a high-tech, global leading greenhouse company specialized in the manufacture, sales, design, research and development of electronic and mechanical products for protected agriculture, including materials and equipment for greenhouse construction and modern livestock housing.

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Now the company has more than 300 employees and has developed hundredsof products, which includes VINIPET® wiggle wire, LOCKUP ® wiggle wire channel,KINGZO® film reeler which is also known as roll up unit, TOYATANI® greenhouse polyethylene film, KINGZO® gear motor, FLC® circulation fan, ventilation system, Shading system as well as various kinds of rack and pinions, aluminum channel and extrusions,multichannel greenhouse intelligent control system, etc.

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Гэтыя міжнародна перадавыя прадукты служылі кліентам у 64 краінах па ўсім свеце.


З мадэрнізаванага завода, якія ахопліваюць 40000 квадратных метраў, Пекін Fenglong мае таксама R & D галіна, якія файлы 10-моцны патэнтаў штогод. Кампанія мае ў месцы вельмі строгая сістэма кантролю якасці, сертыфікаванай па сістэме ISO9001 кіравання якасцю, ISO14001 сістэмы экалагічнага менеджменту і менеджменту аховы здароўя і бяспекі OHSAS 18001.


Beijing Fenglong and Toto Kogyo Co., Ltd from Japan established their joint venture Beijing Toto Kogyo Horticultural Co., Ltd 20 years ago. With that, Beijing Fenglong has introduced advanced Japanese production technologies and management concepts and has promoted Beijing Fenglong' s exports of manual & electric film reelers, wiggle wires, and greenhouse control system to Japan all year round.

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The excellent performance has further updated Fenglong's management concept, improved its product development, quality management, and after-sales service.

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We are deeply indebted to our customers and suppliers for their continuous support. We are always committed to delivering to our customers the best.


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