6 Zero-complaint Gear Motors Recommended for Precision Windowing and Large Screening Application! Say no to Frequent Faults!

1 Beijing Fenglong

The ventilation and sunshade gear motors suitable for small, beautiful and personalized greenhouses has been introduced last time, today we introduce you the high-class gear motors used in large-scale and standardized greenhouses!2 Gearmotor for Venting

Beijing Fenglong has continuously exported mechanical and electrical products to Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries for more than 10 years. It has built a 40,000 square meter modern plant in Tongzhou, Beijing. It has three R & D centers and more than 30 R & D engineers, focusing on the R & D of Mechanical and electrical equipment and greenhouse automation control system!

3 Fenglong Office Beijing

After years of experience, we have found that the failure rate of chinese domestic gear motors is as high as 2%-3%, of which 80% of the failures occur in travel control!

With years of market experience and product innovation, aim to solving user’s problem, we launched a landmark 3GG high-end gear motors series!

4 Gear motor outlook

3GG Gear Motors

Self R&D, constantly strive for perfection

5 Motor Gearbox


3GG gear motors use the last stage worm gear structure to reduce speed. With excellent self-locking performance, which solves the problem of poor braking distance of chinese domestic gear motors totally. Normally the location of greenhouse is generally around village and is very far from cities, the price of a gear motor is 250 USD, but its maintenance cost can be as high as 300 USD, so reduce the failure rate is better to saves users money and worry!

6 New Gear Motor 7 New Motor Gearboxes


3GG gear motors are added with overload protection, power phase failure protection and phase sequence protection to protect the motor and system! Greenhouses are mostly built in relatively remote locations, and phase failure of power supply often occurs. 3GG gear motors will automatically stop when overload or phase failure occurs, and the motor will restart after troubleshooting. At the same time, it is equipped with phase sequence protection device to prevent the phase sequence error caused by power failure of the power grid and the motor operation from damaging the whole system!


Humanized design, manual release function added!

3GG gear motors have added a hexagonal joint in the product design, and any wrench can rotate. Even in case of sudden power failure, the system can be manually opened!


3GG gear motors triple prevention self-locking gear motors (i.e A series), less multiple parallel wires are needed, and one person can adjust without more labors, without the need for a special control box!

8 Control Box

Beijing Fenglong service

Quality tracking / rapid response /meet customization

Beijing Fenglong practiced Japan’s advanced management concept, established a set of almost harsh quality inspection and tracking system, and established archives for each reducer to ensure that the products are strictly inspected and traceable qualified products. With excellent product design and strict quality control, 3GG has been sold so far and achieved zero complaints! Our mechanical and electrical products have been exported to 64 developed countries, and our products have been favored by customers at home and abroad. For domestic users who have demand for high-end reducers, in addition to impeccable product quality, there is no need for extra-long order cycle and long after-sales waiting!

9 Worldwide Sales Net

Gear motor Selection Guidance:



Beijing Fenglong provides 3GG and 3GG triple protection self-locking gear motors for you to open windows and screens.

We sort it out as follows:


10 Gearmotor application







11 Gearmotor models










12 Gearmotor Application







13 Spec of Gearmotor






14 Gearmotor specification






15 Gearmotor Series






Does your greenhouse also need the above suitable gear motors? You can contact our sales engineer!

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