Live Report of China Greenhouse & Horticulture Industry Conference 2020

On November 18, the 19th Greenhouse Industry Conference in 2020 was held in Chongqing as scheduled. The manager and deputy manager of Beijing Fenglong Sales Department attended the conference.
Today, under the repeated epidemic situation, colleagues in the industry are looking forward to through this event, in-depth communication and learning. Therefore, this year, the participation of enterprises reached a record high, there are nearly 800 to visit the site exchange.
This year’s forum is also rich in content. There are academician Li Tianlai from Shenyang Agricultural University on the development report of China’s greenhouse horticulture industry in 2020; there are researcher Zhou Changji from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Planning and Design Research Institute on the interpretation of agricultural machinery subsidies and facilities agricultural land policy; there are a number of domestic and foreign enterprises from the exchange of technology and new products.
Academician Li mentioned industry standardization in the report, which is consistent with Beijing Fenglong’s concept of product research and development and production specifications. Beijing Fenglong attaches great importance to intellectual property protection, and has been granted more than 70 patents.Because we know, if the industry wants to progress, if the quality wants to improve, we must start from each enterprise itself, protect themselves, and respect others.
In addition, at the Corporate Communication Forum, we also met our old customers: Haygrove and Netafim. Looking forward to their new systems and new projects, customers have developed, and we are happy.
At the conference, Beijing Fenglong exhibited new and important products launched in 2020: 3GG® Triple Protection and self-locking Gear Motor, ONLY® electric film rolling device, Kingzo®200N·m Gear Motor(small area ventilation and curtaining) and TOYOTANI® white and black three-layer film. Our rich new products have also been favored by many visiting and consulting customers on site.
We firmly believe that continuous innovation is the future path of enterprise development, is also to maintain close contact with users and win-win ways.

Post time: Nov-25-2020
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