16 Gear Motor options for Ventilation, Shading System, Film rolling, Screening or Curtaining, Get them in 3 minutes!

With the development of productivity, the transformation of greenhouse development from traditional and extensive type to modern and intensive type is the general trend. We believe that greenhouse will eventually be polarized in the future. Small and beautiful personalized and customized greenhouse and large and specialized large-scale and standardized greenhouse account for two levels.

3GG Motor Gearbox

This time we want to talk about the former issue. If the small and beautiful greenhouse still uses high-quality and high-power gear motors for ventilation, cooling and heat preservation, it feels like killing chickens with an ox knife, which increases the cost. Beijing Fenglong has launched Kingzo® gear motors to meet different needs from the needs of users: There are Kingzo® 120, 150, 200, 250 series small gear motors.

Internal Shading System 动图

Features of four types of gear motors:

·One person can adjust the motors, save electric wires.

Wiring diagram of three-phase gear motor (schematic diagram of 4 sets)

Wiring diagram of Kingzo® 250 gear motor (schematic diagram of 4 sets)

Comparison:  Kingzo® saves you ¥300-600 per unit.

·The last stage worm gear has good self-locking performance

·Recommended scheme for application without worry

The gear motors of the four specifications have 12/ 45/ 80 rounds, which can meet the needs of users for window opening, shading, curtain rolling and film rolling!

01 recommended scheme for accurate window opening