Turkmenistan: Five-hectare high tech greenhouse launched

The first greenhouse in the country equipped with a cooling system and capable of maintaining a temperature of 20-25 degrees on the hottest days has been launched in the Akhalsky region of Turkmenistan.

Representatives of the Parliament and regional municipality as well as public organizations, members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, honorable citizens and youth took part in the official opening ceremony.

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“The new greenhouse complex with an overall acreage of 5 ha has been constructed by the business entity Gozgan gala, the works were commissioned by the Daikhan entity Röwşen-Rahym. The main produce will be tomatoes of several varieties, characterized by high productivity and long shelf life. We are planning to produce 1000 tons of high quality vegetables every season. The complex is equipped with the most contemporary equipment produced by professional companies known worldwide. It is worth noting that in our country it is the first greenhouse with a cooling system”, shared the Chairman of Daikhan enterprise, Mr. Mulkimyrat Ehkaev.

According to the company head, there the most favorable microclimate for growing tomatoes has been created in the greenhouse and is maintained automatically. There is a nursery in the premises, with an overall acreage of 720 square meters. In future, the enterprise is planning to grow other vegetables too.

In the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President of Turkmenistan instructed the Vice President responsible for Transport and Communication, Mr. Mämmethan Çakyýew, to conduct effective activities on creating new working places, on industrialization and producing import replacing goods in the country.

“We need to increase the volume of exported local produce. We need to ensure stable functioning of the production sector, so that it brings stable financing to the state”, announced Mr. Berdimuhamedow.

New working places have been created with the launch of the greenhouse. For the new 50 associates all the conditions needed for efficient work have been created.

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Post time: May-24-2019
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