Unite the will and move forward- Yearly summary of Beijing Fenglong in 2020

2020 is an extraordinary year, a new epidemic sweeping the world, on each country’s social stability, economic development and life order have had a huge impact. In this crisis, Beijing Fenglong people united to advance, not only to maintain stable production and operation, but also to achieve innovation and breakthrough in many aspects.

Fenglong Group

The 2021 will be a landmark year, and the crisis has shown us our shortcomings and we must deepen management with a greater spirit. We firmly believe that tough to show the courage and perseverance, sharpening to achieve the jade, as long as all of us are united, we will be able to build up a new world!


This year the International Business has increased significantly over the same period last year, setting a record high!

Domestic business has also resisted the great pressure of market downturn, basically achieved the goal!

Under the background of the national and global epidemic control, the national and global epidemic control, the company’s sales teams were able to overcome all difficulties and forge ahead, and sales grew against the trend, which is remarkable.


2020 is the harvest year of our early R & D achievements, as well as a year of more obvious market diversification.

  1. The continuous research and development and optimization of 3GG series gear motors have made remarkable achievements in 2020, which has played a very good supporting role for the company’s business expansion;
  2. Electric film reeler products have a new growth point, which has reached a new high in recent five years. This shows that we have always adhered to the policy of [meet the needs of users, committed to solving user pain points] is very correct;
  3. The successful installation and trial production of poly film five-layer co-extrusion equipment indicates that the production capacity of poly film will be greatly improved, which provides capacity guarantee for the continuous development of this business, and assists the production of PO film and five-layer added poly film;
  4. In 2020, the company has listed more than 10 new products. Among them, 3GG®series gear motor, 200N.m-Kingzo®gear motor, black and white film and other products have made outstanding market achievements. At the same time, it has developed the unique Onlyelectric film reeler and white and black film products of Beijing Fenglong, which inject a fresh force into the traditional products;


①   3GG® Triple Protection Self-locking Gear Motor

★ Save power distribution material costMultiple gear motors can be connected in parallel with a set of power lines, control lines can also be shared; ★ No special control box requiredThe wiring is simple and can be used normally only by connecting three-phase power cord;
★ One person can adjust the travelManual/automatic dual mode control, one person can operate, saving labor;Manual mode, with manual switch for direct opening and closing; Automatic mode, remote control by external switch; ★ Excellent self-locking performanceLast stage worm gear and worm design, braking distance <10mm;Fully meet the requirements of high precision of window opening system;Limit control failure rate is less than 5‰.
★Manual switching device when power failureNo need to worry that the system still needs to be opened and closed after power failure; ★ Protection against runaway, overload, defect and phase errorProtection of the gear motor travel system, reducing the probability of the motor burning;


②   Only™ electric film roller

→ Scope of application: rolling shutter, high-quality PO film and sidewall in glass greenhouse

→ Special for side film rolling, with film rolling capacity of 100m

→ It is equipped with a locking device to prevent the long-term hanging end at the side of the electric motor from causing the film to stretch and tear

→ The film-rolling pipe is more straight, protecting the shed head film and prolonging the film life

→ No need guiding bracket, more compact overall structure

→ Depending on the relative position of the climbing pipe and the film rolling pipe, the left or right mounting can be selected

Analysis of weakness of electric film reeler in Market


Hot spots on the market

General Solutions

The Principle of the Solutions of Only™ Motor


Due to the relatively heavy head of the motor, it is connected with the film tube about 30 cm near the film, under the action of concentrated gravity, it will break or pull deformation;At the same time, the film rolling tube is bent and the film rolling tube is not straight. A tape is added at the head of the film roll to balance the concentrated load of the electric roll and reduce the tensile force on the film;This method is difficult to operate, the effect is normal. When the electric reeler is running up and down, the holding lock mechanism is released and the electric reeler is free to move up and down; when the electric reeler is stopped, the holding lock mechanism is used to make the electric motor head tightly hold the vertical guide tube, so as to transmit the weight of the electric motor head to the guide tube instead of acting on the film.Although the weight of the relative increase of about 800 grams,but the Only™ electric film reeler can basically solve the problem of film-rolling, curtain-rolling, quilt-rolling.


The high-power electric motor can not be used because of its heavy weight. Very few people use high-power motor. Make the coil as light as possible to reduce the concentrated load on the film.To ensure the power, but also to reduce the weight, adjustable range is limited, the effect is not obvious.



③   Kingzo®200N·m gear motor

→ Dummy installation, adjustable for one person, saving labor

→ Connect only the power cord, multiple sets can be connected in parallel, saving cost

→ Small area for window opening and curtain pulling, more economical

→ End stage worm gear, braking distance <10mm

→ Small area for window opening and curtain pulling to reduce cost investment

→ Degree of protection IP65, higher dust proof

→ Increase position sensor travel control module

→ With manual release function, power failure can be opened and closed manually


Panda Film White-Black-White

④   White -black-white film

⑤   Comparison of Properties of White-Black-White Three-layer Film and Black-White Film






Black -white film

White -black- white film







★ White surface reflects the sun light;

★ The black side blocks the passage of light.






★ White, black and white film thermal insulation performance is improved by about 30%;

★ The white inner layer of the white-black-white film can block thermal energy penetration,

Better insulation.

Arrow is internal thermal energy






★ White, black and white film cooling performance is improved by about 20%;

★ The white surface reflects the sun’s light, reducing heat absorption,

The double-layer white film of white and black film has better reflection effect.

Arrow is external thermal energy










★The service life of white, black and white film is increased by 20%-30%;

★ Aging is caused by ultraviolet ray, the inner and outer white layers can reflect light, reduce ultraviolet ray penetration, delay aging.

The upper arrow is external light







Lower Arrow is Interior Light


Energy saving



★ The black inner layer of the black-and-white film absorbs light and absorbs heat;

★ White, black and white film White inner layer can reflect light and block thermal energy penetration, improve the utilization rate of light energy.

Arrows are internal light and heat

Conclusion: The performance of “white and black” three-layer film is 20-30% higher than that of “black and white” film.


In today’s world, the competition is unprecedented, enterprises only in the product, in the market, more in the service, through continuous learning and innovation, industry integration, is the road of sustainable development.

Farewell to yesterday’s glory, we continue to move forward, in 2021, strict management, strict control of quality, continue to practice Fenglong concept, for the creation of “intelligent manufacturing” enterprises and strive to advance.

The wind is strong and the tide is surging. We should sail and break the waves. There is a long way to go! In 2021, we will make a new chapter together.

Finally, I wish you a happy New Year and a happy family.

Post time: Feb-02-2021
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