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Since the launch of Beijing Fenglong’s 3GG® gear motor in 2018, more and more users have accepted and approved it. However, there are many customers who feel that 3GG® gearboxes are more expensive compared to other brands in China. In terms of basic functionality, it seems that it will be OK to buy a cheap one.

But we all know that this mechanical equipment is not like fast consumables, which is short life cycle, even if the quality is poor and short life cycle, but at least it can be used. The machinery and equipment with relatively high investment will have longer life cycle, we need to consider not only the price and basic functions, but also the cost effectiveness, quality, low failure rate, longer service life, better after-sales service and other complex factors.

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In fact, it is a comprehensive consideration when choosing products, not only cost-effective and money-saving, but also better performance and more reliable.

In order to quantify the price/performance ratio, our technical engineers have conducted countless tests, and our sales engineers have made a lot of market research, so that we can give you a brief explanation as following, to ensure that it is worth for every single penny you spend!

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The basic factors to consider before buying gearboxes are in the comparison table below. Never underestimate the impact of these factors, do the math to find it out by yourself!



Other brands


Installation fee



With manual release device
One person can adjust the distance, labor-saving
Failure Rate



1. Worm gear structure of last stage, good self-locking performance, failure rate of limit switch greatly reduced

2. Overloading and Phase-loss protection greatly reduces burnout and other problems.

★★The overall failure rate can be controlled within 0.5%.

Expense per unit after sale



After-sales costs include labor, structural damage repair, travel, etc., The combined cost per unit is approximately $1,500.

Cost per unit after sale



After-sales cost = After-sales expense *failure rate

Phase-loss protection






Can be wired for IoT control.

Total estimated future costs



Note: The prices of spare parts, installation and after-sales service are the average prices in China and are only for calculation only, not as any price basis.


If you analyze it this way, you should understand.

The 3GG Gear Motor saves money because of its unique worm gear structure and various designs based on user-friendliness.

1、Last stage of worm gear structure with good self-locking performance significantly reduced failure rate of limit control switch.

2、Overload and phase-loss protection significantly reduces the problem of motor failure such as burnout.

3、Labor-saving, with a manual release function, one person can adjust the distance limit.

4、With overload and phase loss protection and potentiometer, no additional installation costs

5、Potentiometers are critical in the future reconstruction of smart greenhouse, If the gear motor does not come with a potentiometer, it cannot be added later, only buy the full set of equipment again, and 3GG has taken this into account for the user, every gearbox comes with a potentiometer, when the greenhouse upgrades, it can be seamlessly connected. Then you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

Finally, let’s take a look at some users’ cases.

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Post time: Apr-20-2020
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