The Kingzo® Electric Film Reeler Made in 2011 is still “HOT”

In today’s society, consumer upgrading continues, the user demand for products from “can use” to “practical”, pay more attention to product quality.

Recently, I have received a set of photos about the use of Jinzhuo® electric rolls: the user purchased the Jinzhuo® 24V electric rolls from Beijing Fenglong in 2011, which have been used for 12 years, and are still being used today in 2023. This is undoubtedly the best testimony to the quality of Beijing Fenglong products.


After 12 years of use, the exterior is mottled, but it has not hindered the stable service for the users.

I summarize that the high quality and long-lasting durability of Beijing Fenglong Jinzhuo® electric rolls come from the following three main sources:

01 Self-developed designs collide with real materials

Beijing Fenglong drives development with innovation. The Jinzhuo® electric rolls developed by Beijing Fenglong R&D Center are different from most electric rolls in the market, adopting double-bearing drive, real material, longer service life, high reliability coefficient, and better load-bearing capacity!

02 A demanding quality management system

Beijing Fenglong practiced Japan’s advanced management concepts, established a nearly demanding quality management and tracking system, each electromechanical equipment has an exclusive “identity card number”, to ensure that the products provided to the user is a trustworthy product that has been strictly inspected and can be traced!


03 Comprehensive and perfect after-sales service support

Beijing Fenglong after-sales service center, to provide 24-hour after-sales service support, we know that quality after-sales service can make users really worry-free. Therefore, Beijing Fenglong provides a full range of after-sales service such as product installation, use guidance, maintenance and so on!


As a provider of polymer materials, electromechanical equipment and integrated solutions for greenhouse automation and control systems for high-efficiency agriculture, Beijing Fenglong’s durable Kingzo® rolls are just one of the many products we offer!

Fenglong Production Base-12 (10)

The fact that users are still using the products after twelve years is not only the best testimony to the quality of the products, but also the best affirmation of Beijing Fenglong’s strict quality control of the products. We will continue to provide high-quality products and efficient service to satisfy and reassure our customers!



Post time: Dec-22-2023
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