India: Agri Tech Bangalore 2018

Agri Tech is the india’s largest Exhibition on Agriculture, Farm Machinery, Poultry, Livestock Equipment& Agri Processing Technologies, Greenhouse Materials and Equipments.


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All of local famous greenhouse builders and equipment suppliers take part in this show, Beijing Fenglong has the long-term business relationships with most of them since the year of 2002.



We can see some of our products in the stalls, like the zig-zag (wiggle wire), electric/ manual film reeler(roll up unit), circulation fans, greenhouse covering diffused/ clear film, shading materials, etc. They said people buy our products because of top quality, price is important, but quality-assured products count for much more. No trouble, no complaint, growers are all happy.


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Choosing Fenglong Products, Getting Insurance For Your Greenhouse.

Post time: Sep-10-2018
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