Kingzo 250W Motor Gearboxes Gear Motor for Greenhouse Ventilation Screening and Shading System

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Kingzo Gear Motor, For greenhouse shading system, ventilation system, rack pinion system, Lower failure rate of the limited switch,  Excellent Self-braking mechanism, High Protection Rating, Overload protection, Power phase loss protection,  Protection Grade: IP55,  Long lifespan, Compact and Powerful, Safe and Reliable.

  • FOB Price : US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity : 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability : 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Seaport : Xingang, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P,
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    What is Gear Motor? 
    Gear Motor, also known as Motor Gearboxes, is a specific type of electrical motor that is designed to produce high torque while maintaining a low horsepower, or low speed, motor output. Gear motors can be found in many different applications, especially for the greenhouse, livestock and agricultural industry, our motors are available options to operate roof vents, wall vents,roof shading and screening, they attach to the shaft with chain couplings that compensate for alignment errors and can be easily removed without disturbing the entire shaft.
    Exported To 48 Countries:
    Fenglong Kingzo® Electric Film Reelers and Gear Motors have been serving customers in 48 countries since 2003.
    Three main issues in gear motors that are currently on the market
    1) The failure rate of the limit switch is too high, While the limit switch is locked when the gear motor is in operation, if the limit control switch fails, it causes serious damage to the window or curtain system.
    2) The braking distance is too long, causing insufficient closure of windows and inadequate curtain covering, and this damages the whole system.
    3) Motor burnout due to phase loss or overload of the power supply, greenhouse gear motors are mostly used in rural areas, so the power system often has phase loss, and if a technician fails to install the phase loss protection device in time, the motor will burn out.
    Features Of Kingzo 250W Gear Motor:
    ★ Compact structure and reliable performance;
    ★ Easy to operate and easy to install;
    ★ Reverse self-locking, adjustable limit;
    ★ Accurate limit control, 3 years warranty.
    Limit Switch Diagram:

    Limit Switch_副本_副本

    DC24V Big Power Motor is Available : GMD250-D,DC24V,250W, Specially developed for the customers who like DC24V motors.
    Ingress Protection Grade: IP55, Anti-condensation added to protect the safety of circuit diagram
    Various Power and Torque for Choosing
    Long Lifespan Guarantee
    Quality-assured, from purchasing date, within the warranty period, FLC would do full compensate or replace them all for problematic products, because we know you rely on our equiment every day. Fenglong motors have proved themselves in this field over many years of use. Thanks to our meticulous purchasing methods, extensive testing procedures and streamlined production process, we’re able to guarantee the highest possible quality. Even small details, such as using every single small bolt and nut, help ensure our motors stand out from the competition.
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