Award-winning in the UK, Top-rated in the US, Kool Max Extraction Fan, Widely Used in Greenhouse, Polytunnel, Hoophouse

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Faster Cooling, Award-winning and Patent Product, Designed to exhaust excessive heat from Poly film or PC-board greenhouses. Capable of exhausting 4,600m³/hr (2,700cfm) of air. Simply cut out a 30-35cm hole in your greenhouse cover, insert the fan from the inside in a rotating motion, and clip it onto the support bars. Leaves a watertight seal, even in extreme weather conditions, Excellent dehumidification and forced ventilation performance, Rain leak-proof design, Anti-aging, Durable using life, Convenient installation, Firm and reliable, Low energy consumption, 3 years quality guarantee






  • FOB Price : US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity : 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability : 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Seaport : Xingang, China
  • Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P,
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    What is Kool Max Easy Wind? 

    The Kool Max® Easy Wind is a roof mounted extraction vent fan, specifically designed for Greenhouses with Plastic cover to exhaust excessive heat. It is an easy way and efficient way for growers to obtain effective temperature & humidity control, reduce the disease of the plant, keep greenhouse fresher. Made from durable materials with 3 years guarantee.
    Award-winning and Patented Product

    Specially invented and developed by FLC to solve the problem of ventilation, moisture removal and temperature reduction at the top of the greenhouse, Award-winning in the UK, Top-rated in the US

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    Exported To 18 Countries:

    Fenglong Kool Max® Easy Wind has been serving customers in 18 countries since 2012.

    worldwide-sales network未标题-2Great Effect on Ventilation, Dehumidification, and Cooling

    The humid and hot air usually is in the roof of the greenhouse. It is hard to take them out of the greenhouse with current vent way, so it may cause the growth of bacteria and germs, and bring the disease to the plant. The Easy wind fan may solve this problem well.
    1) The fan is installed on the roof of greenhouse. With the electric model, it may take the hot air out of the greenhouse and reduce the temperature inside.

    Electric Easy Wind Application_副本2.) It may take the steam out of and reduce the humidity in the greenhouse. The air flow for the electric model is 4600m3/h, so it can reduce the humidity fast. The average humidity can lower about 15%.
    3) It may promote the air flow inside and gas exchange of plant community, to balance environmental factors, and reduce the disease of the plant.
    4) Supply the CO2 in the greenhouse, keep the necessary CO2 concentration, it benefits to the growth of the plant.

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    Rainproof Patent Design, Good Sealing Performance

    The material of the fan is similar to the film, so there is no chemical reaction at the touch area between the fan and film. Due to the same thermal expansion, the fan will not leak the rain. (when the fan is installed on PC greenhouse and glasshouse, it can be sealed with the glass glue). When opening the fan, the cap will be opened by the wind to keep the ventilation, when the fan is closed, the cap will drop automatically due to gravity (can be used within 45 degree of the horizontal angle). The cap is covered tightly with the barrel after the fan is closed. It can prevent heat loss, prevent the air, rain, and snow outdoor to enter the greenhouse and guarantee the sealing and safety.

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    Anti-aging, Durable

    The material is pure PE material, adding anti-aging agent, improve the anti-aging effect.

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    Easy to Install, Reliable

    The fan uses light plastic part, compact structure, less volume, and light weight. One people can install the fan with few tools, it saves time and labor. During the installation, only buckle the supporting ear on the support tube, then fix the clamp on the ear to the tube. It is easy and safe.

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    Wide Application

    It may be used for the ventilation of tunnel, multi-span greenhouse, solar greenhouse, glasshouse, ecologic Restaurant, and poultry.

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    Internal and External Package

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    CE Certificate

    3 Years Guarantee
    Quality-assured, from purchasing date, within the warranty period, FLC would do full compensate or replace them all for problematic products.

    Quality Guarantee
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