Wiggle Wire, Stainless Steel Spring, Ends PVC Coating Greenhouse Wire,Silver Color,8 Years

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The VINIPET®Stainless Wiggle Wire is one of the main parts for fixing greenhouse poly film, It is the best and most economic option for greenhouse film fastening system, working with our well-designed LOCKUP® Wiggle Wire Channel ,Withstanding 14 grade (>150km/h) wind to ensure the greenhouse safety.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Seaport: Xingang, China
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P,
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    How To Use


    What is Wiggle Wire?

    Wiggle Wire, commonly known as Spring Lock or Zigzag, is an economical and easy way to install greenhouse coverings, including polyethylene film, insect nets and shading screen, to a greenhouse structure. Wiggle Wire is widely used in conjunction with wiggle wire channel (or Lock channel) to form a tight and secure attachment of your greenhouse coverings. 


    The Advantage of VINIPET® Wiggle Wire:

    a. The common wiggle wires, as the coated plastic easily destroyed, will be broken within 2 years, cannot be used repeatedly.
    b. VINIPET® Wiggle Wire is coated by UV resin, can be used more than 6 years repeatedly.

    a. The cost of wiggle wire take account for 1% of all greenhouse constructing cost, but this 1% cost ensure 100% safety of greenhouse film.
    b. In recent years, 2-5 year’s guarantee film is widely used, but for 2-5 year’s guarantee film, common wiggle wire is easily broken. Based on that, VINIPET® Wiggle Wire,coated by imported engineering plastic powder with UV stabilization, can stand 14 grade (>150km/h) wind, better performance to fix film.
    c. Common wiggle wire’s ends are too sharp and easily breaking film while VINIPET® Wiggle Wire’s ends are thicker and round, ensuring easy film installation and not destroy film.

    Quality Guarantee
    From purchasing date, within the warranty period, FLC would do full compensate or replace them all for problematic products.


    Longer Repeatedly Using Life, 8 years Guarantee , Made of Premium Stainless Steel



    Japanese Technology

    The Vinipet® Wiggle Wire was initially designed for exporting to Japanese partner of Toto Kogyo Co.,Ltd according to their strict standard of Eight Terms Inspection, Using special Spring Steel with imported Engineering Plastic Power, they have been exporting to Toto Kogyo for 18 years.

    1、 Japanese Production Line



    2、 Japanese and Chinese Technical Cooperation Enterprises

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    Eight Terms of Inspection Procedure:



    Test Introduction of Simulated Wind Pressure:

    Testing in 1 sqm of area, use VINIPET® B6 wiggle wire to lock film in wiggle wire channel, Maximum load 580kgs, 290kgs load bared on one pipe of wiggle wire.
    It works well. Considering 133Kgs/sqm for load capacity of 14 grade wind, Wiggle wire withstanding 14 grade wind should bear load of more than 260kgs.

          Simulation Testing of 14 Grade wind-resistant                                                 Anti-Aging apparatus from USA

    D0F85C30-62BE-466d-8782-D8455835AF55      DSCN1085_副本


    Comparison Introduction Of Glancing Flatness:


    It is proved that VINIPET® B6 wiggle wire distorts less than common one when they are taken out of wiggle wire channel.


    Selling Point

    1、 PVC Ends Coated Wiggle Wire will take care of the film and operator
    2、 6.5 ft. of stainless steel, thickness of 0.083”
    3、 Work with locking channel (sold separately)
    4、 Applicable for all kinds of film greenhouse
    5、 Tightly fix the poly film or shade screen to the locking channels with minimal effort
    6、 Special 82B Stainless spring steel wire, the wire may be used many times without distortion.


    Why most buyers choose VINIPET® Wiggle Wire ?

    l Factory direct sales, we are the manufacture!
    l Large stock, Fast delivery!
    l Over 20 years’ experiences, top quality with moderate price!
    l The technical consulting service and operation guidance can be provided!
    l Customization is also available in high demand!
    l 6 years guarantee, best after-sale service!


    The Appearance of VINIPET® Wiggle Wires for FLSP-05



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    Product Code Model Spec. Length inserted in channel Color Treatment Guarantee
    120501400010 FLSP-05 φ2.2mm 2.2meters/pc,Working with width of 28mm Channel Silver Ends Coated 6years


    Wiggle wire and wiggle wire channel is mainly used in the horticultural, agricultural, and construction industries to tightly fix polyethylene film with greenhouse structures, the most cost-effective and super easy way to build commercial, family and hoop greenhouse.


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