Greenhouse Black and White Panda Film, Light Deprevation Greenhouse Cover 100% Blackout Poly Film

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UV treated, Reflective, Light Blocking, Multi-Applications, Complete light deprivation, Heavy-duty, Durable thick poly sheeting, Long lasting in exposed sunlight, waterproof and easy to hang up, Available in both 4MIL and 7MIL thickness.

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    What is Black and White Film?
    Greenhouse Blackout poly film or plastic sheet, also known as Panda film, Light deprevation Greenhouse Cover, Used in growing areas – this is waterproof poly film that is black on one side and white on the other.The black side provides excellent light resistant partition; The white side provides over 90% reflective for use on the walls and floor, which reflects bulbs’ light back to plants. Panda film works well as a reflective film (reflects 90% of the light striking it back to the growing area) or as a room partition. This is a very heavy duty film at a thickness from 4 mil to 6 mil.


    UV treated:

    Advanced UV stabilizers maximize physical properties for the longer life of film and help protect it from chemical damage. Apart from the occasional tornado, hurricane, or hailstorm, more damage is done to greenhouse film by sunlight than any force of nature. It’s the ultraviolet component of sunlight that does the damage, resulting in yellowing and weakening of the covering film. Fortunately, you can buy greenhouse film that has built-in resistance to the damaging effects of UV radiation. If you buy a plastic that does not have UV protection, you can expect a very short service life from that poly – very possibly no more than a single year. Most greenhouse films that ARE treated with UV protection, on the other hand, have a service life rating of from 3 to 5 years.

    • Blended LDPE material (Low-density polyethylene)

    • UV stabilised.

    • Reasonable tear and puncture resistance.

    Toyotani™ Panda Film is a highly reflective and opaque white/black film that can be used for either bench/ground cover or as a reflective blackout curtain for photoperiod control.
    Light Blocking,Complete light deprivation:
    Reflects heat and cools better than shade cloth
    Heavy-duty, Durable thick poly sheeting:
    Designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of either foot traffic or retractable curtain systems, so that crop management control is not reduced in these higher-stress applications.
    Long lasting in exposed sunlight
    Droplets formed at the inside surface of greenhouse films due to water-condensation have negative consequences on plant quality and growth, as they reduce light transmission and increase the incidence of certain diseases, To prevent this from occurring, we use a special anti-drip (AD) additive, which flattens the water droplets into a layer of water that runs down the sides of the greenhouse. So the film with the function of Anti-Drip can reduce the need for pesticides, delay the onset of diseases, significantly improve light transmission, promote early harvesting, and contribute to enhanced yield quantity and quality.
    Stronger Puncture and Tear Resistance

    High strength at folds means higher resistance to punctures and tears. In any film, weaknesses can occur where the polymer strands are bent at a fold. Increased fold strength minimizes performance issues at these key areas.

    100% Imported Brand New Materials
    Fenglong has 20 years experience and careful selection of raw materials, we import the additives from Japan, and other materials from USA, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, to keep the film top quality.

    1/Structure covering ( ex: warehouse storage areas)

    2/Growing system / storage privacy

    3/Aquaponic float bed liner

    4/Darkening and shading plants to prolong dormancy and promote flowering

    5/Weed barrier for orchards and row crops

    6/Greenhouse blackouts

    7/Overwinter protection

    Designed with a black side and a white side, this strong, waterproof blackout film is uniquely suited to applications such as weed control, greenhouse blackout, indoor growing tents, overwinter plant protection, and privacy.

    Use to line growing areas or cover ground around plants with the black side down. Deprive weeds of sunlight while reflecting ambient light back onto the plants




    Custom Cut Length and Width
    Special cut lengths and width are available, so you can order the exact amount at different size according to your different greenhouse disign.

    Application Cases
    Black and White Panda Poly Film


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